Shoots & Competitions

The TCRA (UK) is a Home Office approved rifle club. The TCRA is affiliated with the NRA (of the UK) and is club number 1853 – The Trans-Continental Rifle Association. We are the de-facto global coordinating body of Historic Rifle postal shoots between the UK, Australia, Ireland, South Africa and Canada. We have created a form of postal shoot that can be shot at 100 yards to 300 yards at local ranges under identical conditions.

The club holds four historic service rifle competitions in a year, which are part of the Historic Global Postal League, (HGL)and are shot against Australia South Africa and Eire.  These are shot at Bisley camp on Figure 12 and Figure 11 targets. Any FAC (and SSC) holding shooter who wishes to join these shoots may do so. Please contact us. The TCRA welcomes other clubs to shoot against us in this HGL. 

The club also holds two sniper challenges in the year. These are held at Bisley camp from ranges of 300/600/1000 Targets are Figure 12 and Figure 11 and multiples thereof. Any FAC (and SSC) holding shooter who wishes to join these shoots may do so. Please contact us. 

Our Major Shoots

1. Very Long Range Shooting. (VLR) Accurate precision shooting from 100 to 3000 yards using calibres such as 6.5mm, 7.62mm, 338 Lapua and .375 Cheytac.

These shoots are held at Orion Firearms Training Range in Wales, Gardner’s Guns Range in Scotland, and Roundhouse Firearms training in Devon. 

2.  “The Hesketh Prichard Challenge”. A first shot first hit, sniper challenge at ranges from 300-1000 yards. This shooting is for .30 calibre and below, and requires extreme precision and knowledge of dope tables at all distances, as sighters are rarely allowed. The HP challenge is shot at Bisley. All FAC holders are welcome. 

3.  “The Kut El Amara Friendship Shoot” A series of Historic Service Rifle Competitions that run through the year leading to an aggregate score with a global winner and global club winner. 

The Kut  El Amara is shot at Bisley, all FAC holders are welcome. 

In addition, We also shoot practical shotgun from time to time.

The History of the Association

The TCRA was formed informally as Trans Continental Shooting by Graham Murgatroyd and Raf Jah in 2013 as a way of shooting against each other in a global postal shoot. This informal link continued until 2018 when it was decided to create an international Association and a British NRA-affiliated club. With cast iron links to the Lee Enfield Rifle Association of Australia, the TCRA (UK) was formed in 2018. 

Trans-Continental Rifle Association (UK) is an association based in the United Kingdom, with the aim of promoting and developing the sport of target shooting. In practice, this means that we organise competitions between clubs around the world, and inside the United kingdom. Since our inception, we have always concentrated on historic service rifle shooting and Very Long Range Shooting. 

The Aims of the Association

  1. Aims and objectives:
    1. To encourage and facilitate the development of and participation in the sport of target shooting in the United Kingdom and around the globe.
    2. To foster friendship between registered shooting clubs in other nations with a view to shooting in global competitions through a global postal league.
    3. To attend shooting competitions around the globe and to assist members in doing so.
    4. To promote the use, collection and appreciation of Historic Service Rifles in the UK, the Commonwealth and around the globe.
    5. To encourage and facilitate the development of extra-long range (ELR) target shooting, to attend competitions around the globe and to compete in postal events.
    6. In its pursuit of these aims the club will welcome and encourage membership by all in the local populace irrespective of background, age or physical ability. 

Membership of the Association (UK- Home Office approved rifle club) 

Membership of the Association is open to all residents of the United Kingdom who wish to learn to shoot VLR, precision or historic service rifle shooting. The association is open to people of any background. The path to full membership is a mandatory period of probationary membership, where a new shooter would be trained in safety and marksmanship. After a minimum of 3 months, the probationer would be invited to become a full member or asked to shove off. We are a very a-political, laid-back club that places an enormous emphasis on having fun and making our shoots a social occasion. The only way to fail to become a full member is to be unsafe, racist or generally anti-social. Thus far we have never had an issue. Membership fees are:

£30 FAC holder joining fee (ie if you are an experienced shooter with your own rifles and SSC)

£35 a year membership fee (for everyone)

£90 Novice joining fee (ie if you are new to rifle shooting, and will need training)

£10 Shooters Safety Card for non-NRA members

So for example, a novice would pay £120 for his or her first year and hopefully gain all experience and drop to £35 or £45  the next year. 

The only absolute impediment to application for probationary membership is a criminal record which is incompatible with shooting. Please see: 

Legislation vis a vis firearms possession in the United Kingdom

Section 21(2C) Firearms Act 1968, amended by Section 110 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, states that a person who has previously received a suspended criminal sentence of three months or more is prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition for a period of five years.  The prohibition period commences on the second day after the date on which the sentence has been passed and came into force on 14 July 2014.

Subsection (1) amends Section 21 Firearms Act 1968. This section prohibits persons who have previously been sentenced to imprisonment for a term of between three months and three years from possessing firearms or ammunition for a period of five years. Persons who have previously been sentenced to imprisonment for a term of more than three years are permanently prohibited.

Please read Provisions 108-111 of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 for further information.

​Associate membership (international)

Associate membership is open to all shooters from friendly nations around the world. Associate membership gives you access to our magazine, the charger clip and our Facebook group. Associate members can also shoot our international competitions in their home country and join our international league. 

Please use the contact form on this website to contact the Association Secretary. 


Remember: safety first.