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Welcome to Trans Continental Shooting




Welcome to Transcontinental Shooting. You will find here a series of articles and images of sport shooting around the globe. In addition to this a number of our members are very knowledgeable and have contributed their experiences to provide genuine user reviews of the equipment you find here.    

We do not recieve freebies from the manufacturers, we beg borrow or buy our kit and use it. After a year or so we write about it.  Finally we run series of global postal shoots, mainly for 303 rifle calibre, but we do also use the experimental 7.62/5.56 



Please contact us if you would like to compete in the global shooting community or you have something to say. Of find our group on Facebook Entry is and always will be free.

We think the Australian Colonial Governments sums it up rather amusingly in their letters: "To the Riflemen of the Empire- A good rifleman is a better citizen"  



Transcontinental shooting is an informal group of people who connect online, in person from time to time and on the ranges. All of the group who shoot in the United Kingdom are fully insured NRA members; and most of us are BASC members. We thoroughly reccomemnd all shooters to join these excellent bodies who represent and protect us. Our Australian friends are all legal firearms holders who are members of their state approved clubs. 

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