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Welcome to Transcontinental Shooting. This is the home of articles and reviews on all matters shooting. We have specific groups who are participate in: Ultra Long Range, Historic Military Rifle and Civilian Service Rifle disciplines. In addition, we host a Lee Enfield 303 global postal shoot. These Lee Enfield  competitions from 200-100 yards held in the UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa and soon in other commonwealth countries. Please peruse our pages and see what interests you in the diverse world of shooting. 

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Historic Rifle Shooting, Articles & Competitions

Transcontinental shooting is all about people who connect with shooting, ultra long range, service rifle, historic target rifle and the Lee Enfield 303. Please take the time to check our reviews of equipment and our articles on shooting around the world, We welcome well written contributions from riflemen around the globe. Please send any articles to us using the contact page. We also connect in person on the ranges. We also very much support the sport of shooting. Our British members are all fully insured NRA (of the UK) members. Most are also BASC members. In Australia our members are part of the Hill End Rifle Club, which is part of the Sydney Colonial Muzzle Loaders Association. We thoroughly reccomend all shooters to join one of these excellent bodies who represent and protect us. Our Indian and South African and Canadian friends are all legal firearms licence holders who shoot safely and within their national rules.We particularly endorse the Lee Enfield Rifle Associatons in the UK. We welcome any members who wish to shoot Lee Enfield .303 in their country.