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Trans Continental Shooting started as a postal shoot between a small Australian Rifle Club and verious British target shooters. The empahsis was firmly on the .303 calibre British Lee Enfield Rifle. Shoots took place between the Australians and the British until they were joined by the South Africans. The driving force behind this whole organisation was Graham Murgatroyd of Australia. Graham is a dedicated .303 shooter and one of the kindest people on this earth. It was his invitation to Raf Jah to shoot .303 which first started this entire adventure.

Times change, and we have to be dynamic. While there is a strong emphasis on .303, and historic military target rifle shooting, trans continental shooting has become so much more than this. It has a large and highly succesful long range shooting complement.

While the global postal shoot was given impetus when Paul Quilliam, the long time secretray (and now life member) of the Lee Enflied Rifle Associaton (LERA) gave us the SMLE Global Postal shoot. This 200 yard competition was shot around the globe, and the results were sent to London for Collation. They were then distributed to the commonwealth countries which had taken part. 

The LERA Global Postal Shoot morphed into a 50 round 200 yard shoot called the Papua New Guinea challenge.
The TCRA now has two arms. The Home Office approved rifle association the UK, and TCRA (I) which is an association of like minded people who shoot around the world and share results by post.